This month at the EH Collective is Acne Awareness Month! As most of you know Emma struggles with her skin while going through chemo and cancer treatment and is passionate about offering help and advice so others don’t suffer in silence.

Acne is a common skin condition that affects 80% of people aged 11-30. In this months EH Edit we’re shining the spotlight on Acne, exploring the different types, and offering effective treatment solutions to help you achieve clearer, healthier skin. 

Understanding Acne:

There are several types of Acne from blackheads, to localised breakouts and widespread cystic acne. There are a variety of triggers which cause acne, the breakouts we see on the skin are a result of excess sebum (oil), dead skin cells and bacteria which have a party and result in the red, inflamed, pus-filled spots we see. Blackheads are a build up of product, dirt & debris which land in the pore and become impacted! We are committed to understanding your skin to ensure we can recommend the best treatment plan for you!

The Solution: HydraFacial Express uses a combination of vortex technology & skin supporting
ingredients to deeply cleanse away the dead skin & debris build up which causes the breakout.
Accelerate the results of this further with the bacteria banishing blue light from the Spectrum LED!

Accelerate the results of this further with the bacteria banishing blue light from the Spectrum LED! Take advantage of a FREE LED Therapy worth £50 with every HydraFacial Express booked throughout June for clearer, breakout free skin!!

Acne Aftermath:

The scars left behind can linger long after the acne has gone and continue to impact our confidence. There are 2 forms of scarring we see on the skin post acne: Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) and pitted scarring.

PIH will show as small red, pink, purple or brown marks where the active breakout once was. This is a result of the skins own natural defence from the sun by releasing melanin to protect the wound (spot).

Daily SPF is your friend to protect against PIH from breakouts. Don’t panic if you’re left with this type of scarring, Nanoneedling is an ideal solution to even the skins tone & texture!

We’ve combined Nanoneedling with our  HydraFacial Express for the Ultimate GLOW just £200 this month, saving £60!.

Pitted scarring is where the skin heals below the natural level of the skin, often seen following cystic acne or chickenpox. Our go-to treatment solution for pitted scars is Microneedling, tiny needles
penetrate the skin and by doing so cause a healing response which stimulates collagen. Its this
collagen which is responsible for rebuilding the “scaffolding” under the skin to plump out the scar and leave the skin looking smooth.

Seize the opportunity for smoother skin with 4 Microneedling treatments, which includes the famous BioRe Green Peel for just £700 and throughout June we’re offering 4 FREE LED treatments to aid healing & accelerate results, saving a further £200.

Unsure where to start or which treatment is right for you? Book a consultation with Emma or Adele & we can build a bespoke plan right for you!

The EH Collective, empowering you to achieve your best skin!

Much Love 

Emma & Adele xx