Thank you for visiting Emma Hart Aesthetics today. It was lovely to see you, and we hope you enjoyed your treatment.

Below are some helpful aftercare guidelines to follow allowing for optimal treatment results

  1. Avoid wearing tight clothing for 48 hours

Although you may not feel heat still within the skin, there will still be heat held under the skin which needs to disperse, avoid wearing tight clothing for 48 hours prior on the treatment areas to allow the heat to escape and avoid sensitivity to the area.

2. Avoid heat treatments for 48 hours

Take cooler baths & showers for 48 hours post treatment to avoid creating extra heat on the skin which can lead to an adverse reaction. This includes swimming, saunas, steam rooms etc.

3. Avoid the sun & wear a high SPF

During your laser hair removal course, it’s best to stay out of the sun to avoid tanning the skin. Use a hat to protect your face from the sun right after treatment, and always apply sunscreen throughout the day. We are not able to treat tanned skin as it can lead to adverse reaction and unsatisfactory results.

4. Avoid using active ingredients for 48 hours

It’s important to steer clear of active ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, and retinol while your skin is still vulnerable. Avoid using any exfoliating cleansers or products during this time. High-impact activities that cause perspiration and sebum can also cause irritation, so it’s best to steer clear of those as well.

5. Skin Discoloration

The most common skin discoloration associated with laser tattoo removal is called hyper-pigmentation, a darkening of the skin. Hyper-pigmentation is almost always a temporary process, and will return to normal in time.

6. Bleeding & Blistering can occur

Please be aware that as treatments progress a small amount of bleeding may occur, this is perfectly normal. Pinpoint bleeding, or petechiae as it is medically known is caused by tiny superficial blood vessels (capillaries) breaking and leaking into the surrounding skin.

7. Aloe Vera application post treatment

We always advise clients to purchase our Aloe Vera aftercare and keep it in the fridge for post treatment use. This will help re-hydrate and cool the skin once at home.