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We are always very honest with clients and their desired results unfortunately if you have very very thin lips naturally please do not expect to look like Kylie Jenner in one sitting. We will work together with your self to put together a full treatment plan and discuss the type of filler required as well as the amount of filler recommended per session.

It’s a common misconception that Lip filler is only for vanity to make lips fuller and pouty (we are all aware of overfilled lips!).

However with the aging process, not only is volume lost but fine lines can form, and corners of the mouth can begin to droop. Many clients present this issue expressing how it affects their confidence and want to feel and look how they did 5/10 years ago, unaware of the many natural outcomes that can be achieved with lip filler.


areas we can treat?

over lateral zygoma

over junction of maxilia and zygoma

malar fat pad

canine fossa

point of support for oral commissure

pre-jowl sulcus

angle of the mandible

sub-zygomatic hollow

in action

is it right
for you?

Yes. We don’t have a type. dermal filler address a mulitude of concerns.
Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Loose Skin

sagging skin

Elasticity and Firmness

Elasticity and Firmness



Tone & Vibrancy

Tone & Vibrancy

Skin Dryness





●avoid makeup for 24 hours
●No direct sunlight, sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms, swimming for 48 hours post treatment
●No sleeping on front or sides for 5 days post treatment


●instant (swelling will be present)
●longevity 9-12 months


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Absolutely love my nails and brows as always. Nothing is too much trouble and enjoy the chit chat. Thank you

Kim Jacob

So professional, lovely comfy feel to the salon & staff were very friendly!!

Helen Closs

Professional and friendly, and expert brow stylist. Thank you.

Lilly Brown

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The length of the treatment will depend on the area being treated and your individual treatment plan. Typically we book out 45 minutes per treatment.

Swelling for up to 14 days should be expected. There is also a risk of bruising.

We apply a topical numbing agent to help ease any pain. However some clients still feel a stinging sensation as the filler is injected. 

Many first timers panic about this, but I promise you wont leave with a trout pout. Disfigured pouts are caused by poor injection techniques and poor aftercare. There will be a degree of swelling but that will subside after a few days.

Effects of dermal filler lip enhancements generally lasts for 6-9 months, this however can depend on the individuals rate of metabolism and on how fast the hyaluronic acid is absorbed. With repeated treatments the effects tend to last longer and clients can have smaller top ups every 6-12 months. 

If you decide to not have your lips enhanced any more, the Hyaluronic acid will be reabsorbed into the body and your lips will return to normal just as they where pre filler.

Please refer to our in-depth after care guide.