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Avoid makeup for 24 hours. No direct sunlight, sun beds, saunas, steam rooms, swimming for 48 hour post treatments


Beautiful soft, glowing skin from the inside out

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WE ARE PROUD TO LAUNCH The farm girl facial


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Farm Girl Facial

This detoxifying & mood boosting 60 minute facial will leave you wonderfully balanced from the inside out. Includes:

  • Facial & Décolletage Cleanse
  • Lavender Infused Steam
  • Ultrasonic Cleanser
  • Mechanical & Manual Blackhead Extractions
  • Detoxifying & Plumping Mask
  • Chakra Balancing Crystals & Gua Sha Scalp Combing
  • Sculpting Facial Massage including our Gua Sha Techniques
  • Soothing & Lifting Icy Globes Massage in relaxing setting
Glass Skin Facial

This skin boosting 45 minute facial will leave you looking and feeling like you have glass skin.

  • Facial & Décolletage Cleanse
  • Ultrasonic Cleanser
  • Mechanical Blackhead Extractions
  • Detoxifying & Hydrating Enzyme Mask
  • Dermaplane to remove any peach fuzz
  • Soothing & Lifting Icy Globes Massage in relaxing setting

“Always enjoy having a hydrafacial. Ammie is a great practitioner and explains every step of the process.”

Julia White


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