u003cpu003eTreatment 60 minutesu003c/pu003e


u003cpu003eAvoid makeup for 24 hours.u003c/pu003ernu003cpu003eNo direct sunlight, sun beds, saunas, steam rooms, swimming for 48 hour post treatmentsu003c/pu003e


u003cpu003eRedness post treatmentu003c/pu003ernu003cpu003eMild peeling up to 2 weeks post treatmentu003c/pu003e

treatment summary

About Laser Genesis is a non-invasive treatment that utilises a laser to gently warm the skin, stimulating the production of new skin cells and collagen.

Safety Laser Genesis is considered safe with minimal side effects, the most common being redness and slight swelling.

Convenience Often referred to as a “lunch break procedure,” Laser Genesis takes only 30 minutes and requires no downtime. It’s crucial to choose a trained aesthetician or cosmetic dermatologist for the procedure.

Cost The cost of Laser Genesis typically ranges from £95 per session. For optimal results, three to six sessions are usually needed.

Efficacy After a single session, your skin will appear brighter and more youthful, with smaller-looking pores. To achieve the best results, three to six treatments are recommended, spaced two to three weeks apart.

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive and comfortable procedure that uses a laser to gently heat the skin. It helps smooth the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Primarily, it is used to fade scars, redness, broken blood vessels, and improve the look of rosacea.

Laser Genesis is suitable for people of all ages and skin tones looking to reduce fine lines or redness. However, pregnant women should avoid any laser treatments.

How does Laser Genesis work?

Laser Genesis operates by heating the dermis directly beneath the skin, which stimulates collagen production, leading to plumper skin and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, the heat from the laser can constrict blood vessels, aiding in the reduction of redness and rosacea, and it can also help treat acne and scarring.

What is the procedure for Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a quick procedure, typically completed in under 30 minutes, performed by a highly trained aesthetician or cosmetic dermatologist in an office setting. The laser resembles a small wand connected to a larger machine. During the procedure, you will wear goggles, and sometimes your hair will be covered. The process is entirely painless, with a sensation of light heat on the face that many people find pleasant, similar to feeling the sun on your skin. You can drive yourself home afterward.

Targeted areas for treatment Laser Genesis is most commonly performed on the face or neck, but it is suitable for any part of the body. It is also commonly used on the:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Décolletage
  • Hands

Are there any risks or side effects? Laser Genesis is considered a very low-risk procedure. The most common side effect is redness following the treatment, which usually resolves on its own within a few days. If you have ever had a reaction to any type of laser treatment, consult with your doctor before undergoing Laser Genesis.


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Laser Genesis ‘Lunch Time’ Facial
Course of 6 + ADD ON LED Light Therapy

“Always enjoy having a hydrafacial. Ammie is a great practitioner and explains every step of the process.”

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