From 15 minutes


Avoid makeup for 24 hours

No direct sunlight, sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms, swimming for 2 weeks post treatment


Instant (redness can be present for few hours post treatment)

Multiple sessions required

treatment summary

tattoo removal

In today’s aesthetics market, a high-specification, high performing, and flexible tattoo removal laser machine is highly coveted. What is most important Emma Hart Aesthetics is the power and speed at which we can treat the overwhelming majority of their clients who request multiple ink colour removal. With our Synchro QS4 you can be confident that we are delivering not only quick and safe clearance of tattoos, but also of pigmented lesions while achieving high client satisfaction.

This laser has been explicitly designed to a laser-focussed ability to deliver ultra-high peak powers in a 6ns pulse duration, to address not only black tattoos removal, but also treat multiple colours including navy, red, orange, brown and purple, blue and green. We are proud to be one of only a couple of clinics able to offer removal of ALL colours.

Thanks to its Flat Top Optibeam Technology you can rely on a safer and homogenous delivery of energy for an overall higher effective treatment. The Synchro square spot size ensures an even energy distribution, eliminating overlapping, while delivering a significant 20% reduction in clients’ downtime.

Thanks to Q-Switched and Free Running pulse modalities Studio consistently delivers high performance and flexibility for optimal results. With a dual power wavelength of Q-Switched 1064 nm and 532 nm, it is a powerful multi-platform system that can also be used to effectively treat a broad range of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions as well as carbon facials.


How much is it?

1 Inch squared 1 colour
1 Inch squared 2+ colours
2 Inch squared 1 colour
2 Inch squared 2+ colours
3 Inch squared 1 colour
3 Inch squared 2+ colours
4 Inch squared 1 colour
4 Inch squared 2+ colours
5 Inch squared 1 colour
5 Inch squared 2+ colours

Kerry rated us 5 out of 5!
I was nervous for my first laser tattoo removal session but they put me at ease, worked at my speed and talked me through everything If i need something done these are the people to go to

Helen Cross


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