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Medik8’s promise is to create beautiful products you will love to use, trust in, and be proud to recommend. More than a hashtag, #MyMedik8 is all about personal and shared experiences. 

As your body’s first line of defence against the environment, the skin is intricately designed to keep your internal organs safe and healthy. The skin is made up of 3 layers; the upper defensive epidermal layer, the middle collagen-filled dermis and the bottom cushioning subcutaneous layer.


Let’s start with the lowest layer, where you can find the subcutaneous tissue. Used mainly to store fat, it contains larger blood vessels which can provide nutrients to the skin.

The dermis is the second layer up. Here resides strings of collagen and elastin surrounded by a matrix of molecules. This is the part of the skin that detects touch and heat, in addition to housing the roots of hair follicles and sweat glands. Blood vessels run through the dermis which provide essential nutrients and nourishment to the epidermal skin cells.

The epidermis is the upper layer of the skin. It is further split into 5 different layers, each with its own unique characteristics and functions. Skin cells are formed in the lowest layers called the stratum basale. Here the cells can rapidly replicate themselves as they still possess a nucleus which stores DNA. Melanocytes, the cells that create melanin to give colour to the complexion, are also found in this layer. The skin cells in the stratum basale move up through the epidermal layers towards the surface, going through subtle changes at each stage. In the upper layers the cells lose their nucleus and become flat, dead skin cells called keratinocytes. These continuously flake off to reveal newer, fresher cells beneath.


The stratum corneum is the top layer of the epidermis, made up entirely of dead skin cells in brick-like layers. Between the skin cells there is a sea of lipids (oil-soluble molecules) acting as mortar. The lipids are made up of ceramides, cholesterols and fatty acids. This structure provides an impermeable barrier against the environment, protecting the skin from pathogens and blocking the loss of water molecules. The pH of the skin is around 4.5-5.5; slightly acidic due to a layer of sebum which hinders alkaline-loving pathogens.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and as we age it begins to break down. As the years go by and sun damage persists, the collagen and elastin in the dermis are weakened. This leaves skin less firm and elastic. The skin cell renewal process also slows down, which leads to a thinning of the epidermal layer with less protection against the environment. This also allows more water to escape, so aged skin is often less hydrated. To learn more about the causes of skin ageing, read in detail here.

An anti-ageing skincare routine is so important if you want to look 30 when you’re 40 (don’t we all!). But it’s not just about trying to turn back the clock. It’s also simply about having your healthiest skin: even, glowing and radiant – no matter your concern. That’s why we put anti-ageing actives in all of our solutions, so you never have to compromise.

Unfortunately, sun damage is the ultimate cause of premature ageing – it is responsible for up to 80% of the signs of ageing we see on the face.1 The sun’s rays generate free radicals that weaken collagen in the dermis, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Wear a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen like Advanced Day Total Protect™ everyday to protect your delicate skin cells from damaging UV rays. Essential in stimulating collagen production, add vitamin C to your morning routine and vitamin A to your evening routine. Vitamin A is also able to speed up cellular renewal, leading to healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Follow Medik8’s expertly engineered anti-ageing routine for beautiful skin for life.

1 F. Flament et al., Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, 2013, 6, pp 221-232


In 2009, we invented the CSA Philosophy to give everyone the opportunity to achieve Beautiful Skin for Life. Just use a vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night. That’s it.

You can read more about our CSA Philosophy here and how our Founder, Elliot, came up with the whole idea on our blog. Or why not get your Medik8 skincare journey started right now with one of our CSA kits?

Yes, you can. If you order a vitamin C, sunscreen and vitamin A through our CSA kit builder, you will receive a minimum of 12% off RRP of your chosen products plus a FREE full size cleanser (RRP £18). Give it a try here. From time to time, we also send customer offers via our Medik8 newsletter. Make sure you’re subscribed so you can make the most of them. Sign up here

In a nutshell: Personal Training for your skin.
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Just like visiting a Personal Trainer at the gym, Medik8 offers you the opportunity to transform your skin from just 12 weeks* with the 12 Weeks to WOW programme. A totally bespoke course of Medik8 in-clinic peels plus homecare for you to follow over 3 months. The result? WOW skin everybody notices. To discover more have a read here to understand how it works and what to expect.
*Duration may vary based on skin type and condition.

Nothing beats a face to face consultation with a trained professional. We’d recommend visiting one of our trained Medik8 professionals at your local stockist who can carry out a detailed analysis of your skin and lifestyle and devise a tailored Medik8 programme just for you. This has become so popular that we now have a programme called 12 Weeks to WOW to help transform skin over just 3 months. 

Absolutely not. As per the strict requirements of European regulation, we do not test on animals. We will not ask any other company to test on our behalf. We take the matter of checking our supplier compliance very seriously as an integral part of our product development process. We look forward to the day when animal testing is banned worldwide forever. Read more about our product testing policy here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide medical advice relating to our products. We would advise speaking with your GP or Midwife so that they can give you an accurate recommendation. However, we would recommend ceasing use of vitamin A (retinoids) during pregnancy or nursing. The full ingredients list for each of our products can be found on the product pages of the website as well as on the back of each pack.

We can treat ANY Skin & hair type and skin tones. 

Yes. As of July 2019, every Medik8 product they manufacture is 100% vegan-friendly.

A word on existing stocks. They are passionate about sustainability and avoid waste as much as possible. So you will be pleased to know we are not throwing away any of the very few non-vegan products that remain in the supply chain. That is very wasteful. So it may take a little time for these products to sell their way through our network of clinics and salons across the world. All products bought through (except some kits which are already packed) will be 100% vegan. When all stocks are depleted, every kit will be fully vegan too.

Of course, they never used any animal ingredients but previously used some by-products like yoghurt extract and these have all been replaced during formula updates in 2019, so now they are completely vegan.

For your reference here are the formulas which were previously non-vegan:

Ultimate Recovery Intense – we have removed silk serica (a derivative from the silk worm) and replaced it with allantoin; the natural component in comfrey root. It promotes wound healing, speeds up cellular regeneration and is skin softening.
Surface Radiance Cleanse – we have removed yoghurt extract. No replacement necessary.
White Balance Overnight Repair – we have removed Polyglyceryl-3 beeswax which was acting as an emulsifier and have replaced it with 2 new vegan-friendly emulsifiers.
Advanced Night Restore – we have removed cholesterol and replaced it with a vegan version of cholesterol and phytosterol, a plant-derived version of cholesterol.
Balance Moisturiser – we have removed non-vegan Lactobacillus and replaced it with vegan probiotics also known as ‘Lactobacillus Extract Filtrate’ but they are derived from vegetable based fermentation. We still have vegan prebiotics in this formula too.

You can see if your favourite product is vegan-friendly by looking out for the tick on each product page.

To create a beautiful product which we know our customers will want to use every day, we use a low level of essential oils to imbue each formula with a subtle and elegant aroma. We do not use any synthetic fragrance and openly declare our fully natural blend rather than adding simply “fragrance” to the ingredients list so that you can see exactly what goes in.

The oils themselves are at low levels and with reduced allergens – less than 0.15% in total. We do not support the hypothesis of micro inflammation. As any toxicologist will explain, it is the dosage which is the poison, and we use extremely low levels in our products. The vast majority of our customers are not sensitive to these levels of essential oils and prefer to have a fragrance in their skincare products.

Anecdotal social media evidence gathered from fragrance-free brands suggests no difference in the general very low occurrence of reports of allergies that we receive – possibly because we use very low levels of any fragrance – and no synthetic fragrances at all.

Medik8 is an anti-ageing brand that thinks like a natural brand. We believe strongly in doing our bit to reduce our environmental footprint at every opportunity. We know it’s a value we share with our customers and we just couldn’t do it any other way.

Actions not words….. We have various ongoing initiatives; some big, some small; to help minimise our environmental impact. It is such a big priority that touches everything we do: from implementing cold manufacturing processes to minimise our energy consumption, to ingredient audits to ensure sustainable sourcing, to 100% recycled PCR plastics, paper and card and even soya ink printing. We really are tackling sustainability head on – in a big way. It’s not just greenwashing. This is serious stuff. Read more about our crusade here.