Will it benefit me?

u003cpu003e– Germicidal action to the skinu003cbr /u003e– A skin lightening agent, improves scars and lightens sun damageu003cbr /u003e– Increases skin functionu003cbr /u003e– Decreases erythemau003cbr /u003e– Vasoconstrictingu003cbr /u003e– Stimulates fibroblastsu003c/pu003e

treatment summary

Observ 520x Skin scanner

The OBSERV 520x is a cutting-edge skin analysis system designed to assist dermatologists, aestheticians, and clinicians in accurately diagnosing skin conditions at both the epidermal and dermal layers.

Featuring 10 comprehensive observation modes, the OBSERV 520x enables detailed examination of skin health from the deepest layers to the surface. This allows both skin professionals and clients to study skin irregularities in depth and discuss the best treatment options to restore skin balance.

This interactive approach, combined with clear visual evidence, builds customer trust and rapport during consultations, empowering skin professionals to confidently guide clients toward suitable skincare and treatment solution


How much is it?

Observ 520x Skin Scanner
Part of a treatment plan
Before a photo showing the hair growth on a clients upper lip prior to any laser hair removal sessions at emma hart aesthetics, woodbridge
After after a course of 6 sessions of laser hair removal on the upper lip showing a now hair free upper lip and one very happy client

“Really excited for my laser hair removal journey, fantastic service in beautiful surroundings!”



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