Dermaplaning an reduce the appearance of deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks on your skin, while providing an physical exfoliating treatment.


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On a daily basis your skin is exposed to harsh environmental toxins, irritants, and not to mention sun damage. This can cause the top layer of your skin to appear dull, and it can make you look aged. Dermaplaning clears away those damaged skin cells so skin cells are turned over quicker than usual leaving a fresh faced glowing complexion when you look in the mirror.


areas we can treat?

over lateral zygoma

over junction of maxilia and zygoma

malar fat pad

canine fossa

point of support for oral commissure

pre-jowl sulcus

angle of the mandible

sub-zygomatic hollow

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Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Loose Skin

sagging skin

Elasticity and Firmness

Elasticity and Firmness



Tone & Vibrancy

Tone & Vibrancy

Skin Dryness





●avoid makeup for 24 hours
●No direct sunlight, sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms, swimming for 48 hours post treatment
●No sleeping on front or sides for 5 days post treatment


●instant (redness will be present)
●longevity 4-6 weeks


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So professional, lovely comfy feel to the salon & staff were very friendly!!

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Standard dermaplane facials are 45 mins 

No, however we advice against wearing makeup for first 24 hours post treatment and to always use a high SPF

No, dermaplaning is pain free, some clients feel a slight stinging sensation afterwards for a few hours due to a layer of skin being removed from the surface but it is not painful. 

You don’t need to plan any downtime to recover from a dermaplaning treatment. .

You may notice that your skin looks brighter immediately after you’re finished treatment, but it often takes a few days to appreciate the full results. As any redness subsides, you’ll be able to see the results more clearly in the days afterward.

Results of dermaplaning aren’t permanent. Facial hair will continue to grow but we aim to clear away up to three weeks’ worth of dead skin cells. After 4-6 weeks your results will have faded and your facial hair will have returned.

After treatment, you’ll need to be extra careful about sun exposure. Sun damage could reverse the effects of dermaplaning, or create pigment blotches on your freshly uncovered skin cells. In the weeks after a dermaplaning treatment, don’t leave the house without wearing sunscreen on your face.

Please see our detailed after care information. 

Yes. Dermaplaning is a relatively low-risk procedure. Side effects may include slight redness in your face for a couple of hours after getting the treatment and may feel slightly stinging particularly for sensitive skin . Some people develop whiteheads on their skin in the day or two after, but these clear up on their own and can be limited following the correct aftercare (which is provided)

Infections and scarring are rare, but they can occur if correct aftercare is not followed.