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We only use the best equipment possible to treat our clients, ensuring the safest and most clinically effective treatments possible.

Using the world’s most exciting development in ‘pain-free’ technology: The Motus AX Laser Hair Removal Machine.

This advanced technology allows us to use the exact type of laser considered by skin experts as the “most effective in laser hair removal” (Alexandrite) but in a new ‘pain-free’ mode!

Traditionally, although the Alexandrite laser was the most effective for hair removal, it could be a quite uncomfortable during treatment compared to other alternatives such as our previous Diode laser machine.

This new technology helps solve the discomfort aspect of the treatment by changing the way the laser is reflected on the skins surface, allowing all our clients to receive a ‘pain-free’ treatment, with the gold-standard results of a traditional Alexandrite laser.

Together with our revolutionary new laser technology, our practitioners here at Emma Hart Aesthetics have received comprehensive theory and practical based training by the UK’s No.1 supplier & manufacturer: Lynton Lasers Ltd. aswell as completing their VTCT Level 4 in laser and light treatments.

Since upgrading our laser offering we truly are able to offer hair removal for all skin types and tones, even darker skin (Fitz 4 +) which previous Alexandrite lasers could not of treated without the risk of unwanted side effects.

Although laser hair removal works, it is not permanent hair removal. It should be classed as permanent hair reduction, over a number of years and fluctuation in hormones you may experience new hair growth in the treated areas, however this will only be a very few new hair follicles which with top-up laser treatments are cleared in just one session.

We used to use a Diode laser for our hair removal which was great but we wanted to get you better results, MUCH quicker so spent months and I mean months researching different lasers until we found one that ticked all the boxes and the NEW Motus AX laser definitely ticks them all.

We have upgraded to an Alexandrite laser to offer pain-free, gold standard medical grade hair removal, allowing clients to be hair free within 8 sessions*

*8-10 sessions to be hair free with Alexandrite laser v’s 20 with a Diode laser


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how much is laser hair removal?

Prices stated below are for a course of 9 laser sessions. 

We also offer courses of 3 for top up sessions – prices upon asking (payment plans available)

PLEASE NOTE: Any last minute cancellations (less than 48 hours) will result in that session being voided and lost from the course. 

Prices below for blocks of 9 treatments





•from 15 MINUTES


●avoid makeup for 24 hours
●No direct sunlight, sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms, swimming for 48 hours post treatment
●No active tan or fake tan


●10-21 days, hair sheds
●redness will be present post treatment
●course of 8
●annual single top up sessions


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The Motus AX is a fairly new alexnadrite laser system by using the ‘Moveo’ method which consits of repeated passes on small area, including a gradual heating of the vital parts of the hair and leading to their distruction in a way that is totally painless for the client and without side effects. LArge areas of the body can be treated in record time. 

To avoid heating the skin and causing damage to the epidermis, the Motus AX has is equipped with an intergrated cooling technology that cools the skin as its treated. 

To destroy the hair folicle via laser hair removal, the light from the laser has to be absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair folicle which acts as n ‘intermediary’ for transmitting damaging heat inside the follicle. 

Yes, for effective hair removal a course of 8 is always recommended. This is becuase the hair alternates in periods of growth (anagen) and no growth (telogen) for laser hair removal to be effective the hair needs to be in anagen phase as its particulary rich in melanin meaning the absorbtion of laser energy by is predominantly effective at the growth phase. 

The different phases of human hair growth (anagen, catagen & telogen) phases are not synchronized i.e. every hair is in a differnt grwoing phase so there is no way of knowing which phase hey are in which is why a course of always recommended. 

Although every client is differnt for the average person the below gives an idea on how many treatments would be needed: 

Face – 12 + treatments

Bikini/Underarm – 6 + treatments 

Other body area – 8 + treatments 

The only wavelength that is effective for treating fine and light hairs is 755nm, a high peak power (more than 6000w) and able to use a short pulse length (down to 2 ms) to provide efficient melanin absorption.

The moveo handpiecewas deisgned to combat the issue of the clients skin reflecting the enegry emitted by the laser using a sapphire tip which when in contact with the skin decreases the varaiton in the reflection and reducing the enegry loss which has never been seen or done by another laser manuafacture.

Yes, a details consultation and patch test is required before commencement of any treatment. We do charge a small £15 fee which is redeemable against future treatments.

At your patch test we will need the area shaved, the role of a patch test isnt to see if it treats the hair but to see if your skin is ok with the settings we need to use to kill the hair. This is done 48 hours prior to full treatment commencing.

Clients who any of the following will need a further indepth consulation and may even need approval from their GP

  • Clients taking any photosensistising drugs (e.g. tetracycline [antibiotic], naproxen [NSAIDs], auranofin [anti-rheumatic], estrogens and progestin [oral contraceptives], chlorochin [anti-malaria drugs] etc.
  • Prescribed anticoagulants (e.g acetylsalicylic acid, heparin etc) 
  • Use of retinoids – which could alter the normal tissue repair (e.g isotretinoine etc)
  • Previous exfoliating treatments (peels, scrubs, retinoic acid etc) and surgical treatmentss
  • Exposure to the sun or UV lamps; avoid exposing the treated area to UV rays before (for at least 1 month), during and after the treatment. Apply sunscreen with SPF50 protection factor before and after treatment.
  • Bacterial, viral or mycotic infections in progress in the area of treatment. An antiviral prophylaxis must be implementd for clients with a previous history of herpex simplex. 

In the event of usingincompatible drugs (photosensitizing agents, anticoagulants and retinoids), discontinue the administration sufficiently in advance so that effects of these products have dissapperared by the time of the treatment unless stated otherwise by your GP)

We are not able to treat the following clients:

  • Strong hypersensitivity to the light
  • Pregnancy
  • Previous skin cancer or the presence of cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions in the treatment area

Although rare, complications can arise. 

  • Blistering: This may occur following sun exposure follwoing treatment. 
  • Hypopigmentation: This is more common in clients with a higher fitzpatrick score, it usually occurs after sun exposure and will clear up spontaneously even though it can take several months.
  • Hyperpigmentation: This is more common in clients with a higher fitzpatrick score, it usually occurs do to sun exposure prior to laser treatment and can clear up spontaneously even though it can take several months. We always advise clients to continously wear a high SPF

Yes please, we ask clients to shave the areas to be treated 24 hours prior. Avoid wearing moisturiser or makeup on the areas. Then leave the rest to us!

For hair removal, 6 to 8 sessions are usually necessary to varying intervals depending on the area and the hair being treated. 

Example session programme: 

Face – 4-6 weeks

Arm – 6-8 weeks

Bikini – 4-6 weeks

Legs – 8-10 weeks

Underarm – 4-6 weeks

Back – 8-10 weeks